New Mexico Tech Shock Dynamics Laboratory

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Socorro, NM, 87801


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Research - Rockets

Liquid Rocket Engine Testing

Image from the firing of the liquid rocket engine developed
with Sandia National Laboratories.

A new research program is currently underway that involves development and testing of liquid rocket propellants. A static, horizontal rocket engine test facility has been built as part of a research program with Sandia National Laboratories. The current facility is exploring liquid nitrous oxide and ethanol as a propellant combination.

Rocket Flight Testing

Rocket launch at EMRTC

Rocket flight testing is performed from EMRTC for evaluation of experimental motors and testing of flight components. Research has been performed for Los Alamos National Laboratories in support of novel solid propellants (see Media page for youtube link). Other launches have been conducted as part of Dr. Hargather's teaching activities, including launches of flight instruments developed by Freshmen engineering students using Arduinos.