New Mexico Tech Shock Dynamics Laboratory

Weir Hall 120
Socorro, NM, 87801


fax: 575-835-5209

Media Coverage


  • The current ONR project investigating battery failures that Austin Mier is working on was written up on the Naval Technology website: Naval Technologies


  • The Los Alamos National Laboratory Youtube channel posted a video describing rocket launches that were performed at EMRTC and supported by Dr. Hargather, graduate student Jesse Tobin, and undergraduate students James Anderson and Sean Simmons: youtube video
  • Discovery Science Channel show World's Strangest: Explosions, first aired June 2014
  • Local Albuquerque news coverage of work supporting shock wave interaction with a flame research conducted at EMRTC: KOB 4 coverage
    • Original posting of work on University of New South Wales website: UNSW story
    • This research involved work by graduate student Nancy Canafax.
  • NPR Science story about schlieren and seeing sound: NPR website story
    • NPR Science blog link with gifs: Skunkbear
    • This research included work done in the Gas Dynamics Laboratory at Penn State University.


  • PBS Nova show Cold Case JFK, first aired November 2013: NOVA website
    • This research involved work by graduate student Jesse Tobin.
  • PBS Nova show Manhunt-Boston Bombers, first aired May 2013: NOVA website
    • This research involved work by graduate students Jesse Tobin and Cynthia Romo.