New Mexico Tech Shock Dynamics Laboratory

Weir Hall 120
Socorro, NM, 87801


fax: 575-835-5209


Shock and Gas Dynamics Laboratory

The main laboratory space is located in EMRTC Lab 4 and Lab 7, adjacent to the main EMRTC building located on the New Mexico Tech campus. These labs are used for the development of optical techniques and performing non-explosive research and small-scale testing.

Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center - EMRTC

EMRTC is a world-class leader in the research, development, testing and evaluation of energetic materials, as well as in training participants in a wide range of anti-terrorism and homeland protection skills.

EMRTC conducts its activities in a 41 square mile field research laboratory that has more than 30 test facilities to conduct explosives research and testing.

EMRTC works with the Shock and Gas Dynamics Laboratory to conduct all experiments involving explosive materials.