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The Writing Center at New Mexico Tech

Students at New Mexico Tech are encouraged to visit our Writing Center, located in room 017 Fitch (on the lower level). At the Writing Center, trained tutors will work with undergraduate and graduate students on various aspects of their writing assignments. While tutors do not focus primarily on grammar or serve as "editors" of students' work, all tutors strive to help students who visit the Writing Center with the development of their ideas, with proper citation, and with paragraph construction . . . to name a few areas on which tutors focus!

All students who wish to visit the Writing Center may drop in during posted Writing Center hours. All students must bring a copy of the assignment for which they are seeking help. Also, students are limited to a fifteen-minute collaborative visit, particularly when there is a line of students awaiting help from a tutor.

For more information about NMT's Writing Center and its current hours, please visit the Writing Center's website by clicking here.

For information about NMT's Oral Presentation Center, housed within the Writing Center, please visit the OPC's website by clicking here.