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ENGL 112

English (ENGL) 112 courses at New Mexico Tech are taught by members of our Writing Program faculty. Many ENGL 112 courses have a "theme" of the faculty member's choosing. Some courses may focus on a particular genre of writing, such as the short story, and encourage students to develop argumentative writing techniques in response to readings from the focal genre. Other courses take a more thematic approach; an example of such a course would be the 112 course titled “Identifying American Argument: Race, Gender, and the Rhetoric of Identity.” In essence, topics for 112 courses vary, but all 112 sections help students to meet NMT's, and the State of New Mexico's, learning objectives for the second-semester College Writing course. Students' ENGL 112 experience culminates in a ten-page research paper, in which students must demonstrate solid argumentative writing techniques, on the level of the entire paper and in each sentence. Most of the papers in ENGL 112 are thesis-driven papers in which students must rely on scholarly research sources for support. ENGL 112 stresses research techniques and the ethical and accurate incorporation of scholarly citation. To progress from ENGL 112 to the next course in the sequence, ENGL 341, students must receive a grade of "C" or above.