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ENGL 111

English (ENGL) 111 courses at New Mexico Tech are taught by members of our Writing Program faculty. Most ENGL 111 courses have a "theme" of the faculty member's choosing, ranging from learning-community themed courses with titles like "Writing Critically: Thinking and Writing Between and Across Disciplines" to interdisciplinary writing courses such as “Writing Across Communities: Community Safety and Health.” Each faculty member chooses his or her own theme, but the course objective across all 111 sections remain constant. Most NMT students begin the writing sequence (ENGL 111, 112, and 341) with the ENGL 111 course, into which they are placed as a result of their SAT or ACT score. Students cannot "portfolio-out" of ENGL 111. Also, to progress from ENGL 111 to the next course in the sequence, ENGL 112, students must receive a grade of "C" or above.