Environmental Mathematics

Earth Day Talks


The MAA’s Committee on Mathematics and the Environment is encouraging all those interested in Environmental Mathematics to participate in our Earth Day outreach.  We are asking faculty to give a talk at a local high school on how mathematics can be used in studying the environment.


If you don’t have a contact in the local high school, probably your Admissions Office does.  High school faculty usually welcome someone who will talk to their students about places mathematics is actually used.


What are appropriate topics?  Some possibilities are linked below.  If you have other ideas, send them to Bill Stone at wdstone@nmt.edu, and I will post them here, also.


            Population modeling


                        Threshold populations (rational functions and iteration)


                        Stochastic models – distribution of female eggs (discrete probabilities)


            Modeling of bacterial clean-up of groundwater (spreadsheet modeling)


            Spreading oil-slick


                        (spreadsheet modeling) or


                        (geometry, area)


Call the high school and see if they’re interested.  Then, please let us know what you talked on, approximately how many students you talked to, and how it went.  We would like to make this an annual event!