The Waffle Club

Meeting every Thursday at 10:30pm, outside of the Fidel Center near the Health & Counseling entrance.

New ways to pay: Jesse will be accepting orders in-person paid in cash or via Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Find him any time to place your order, look for him at Waffle Club and at Tea Club, or email to make an appointment.

Show your loyalty to the Waffle Council

There are few ways to demonstrate your loyalty to the Waffle Council more effectively than by wearing a shirt. Amongst them are:

The Fall 2013 Waffle Club shirt is an inspirational message emblazoned on a 100% cotton t-shirt. The back bears the Waffle Cross and the Waffle Club pledge (click the image for a larger preview of both sides). Remember: the Waffle Council cares about you, and entirely benevolently wants you to own this shirt.

$10 - order below

and new this year...

Assimilate into the tea collective

You love tea. Tea loves you, but only platonically. It's okay, that's how most of my relationships go too. Distract yourself from unrequited love with this neat T-shirt.

Tea Club is not technically the waffle club, but it's similar in that (a) it is very abnormal, (b) it exists solely to serve a food or beverage, and (c) it has odd communist leanings. These factors combined are significant enough that we decided to form an [un]holy union for the purpose of creating apparel.

Like the Waffle Club shirt, the Tea Club shirt is a 100% cotton "waffle premium" T-shirt manufactured in a third-world country. It will feature some sort of cool design that isn't quite finished yet, but will probably be both impressive and not simply the text "I'm dumb for buying a shirt sight unseen" in a large, friendly typeface.

$10 - order below

Pre-order now

The funny thing about the waffle club shirts is that we don't actually have them yet. We're giving you the opportunity to get in at the ground floor and order now. To order, use the handy-handy PayPal "internet-commerce" device to the right, or find Jesse in person and pay via cash or credit card. You will receive your shirt around the end of October - keep an eye out for an email with instructions to pick it up, or if you opted for shipping, keep an eye out for an email saying it's on the way.

Warning: only a very limited stock will be purchased after pre-ordering ends. If you do not pre-order, you will probably not get a shirt! Pre-orders will be accepted through October 23rd.

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Tea Club Shirt


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