User Consultants


About room sweeps

The intent of room sweeps is to allow the person scheduled to work the Help Desk to not have to leave there to open or secure rooms.   Securing rooms is more time intensive than opening rooms but both can take significant amounts of time away from being available to help people at the Help Desk.

The Introduction to room sweeps is a good start on room sweeps.   More information about room sweeps can be found in the Shift Check List appendix to the UC Handbook.

When to conduct room sweeps

The UCs doing evening room sweeps should schedule them (usually an hour to an hour-and-a-half period) so that they capture the most room openings and closings possible.   This will help in letting the UC scheduled for the Help Desk be available to help people.   With this in mind, and knowing that one-time events also figure into room usage, it won't be unusual for the times a UC does a sweep to vary from week to week.   Each UC's room sweep calendar is to accurately reflect when he did, or is scheduled to do, room sweeps.