Lamp Replacement

If the lamp fails to come on and the lamp monitor on the projector light is orange, you must replace the bulb.

Follow these steps to replace the lamp assembly.

  1. Turn off the projector and allow the projector to cool thoroughly.
  2. Disconnect the AC cord from the projector.
  3. Remove screw with a screwdriver and disconnect the lamp cover.
  4. Remove 2 screws with a screwdriver and pull out the lamp assembly by grasping the handle.
  5. Replace the lamp assembly.
  6. Tighten 3 screws to secure the lamp cover to the lamp assembly.
  7. Connect the detachable AC cord to the projector.
  8. Reset the lamp replacement monitor timer (see LAMP AGE in the "Other" section of the "Using the Projector" chapter).

NOTE: Do not reset the LAMP REPLACEMENT MONITOR TIMER, except after the lamp replacement.