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7.12   Changing Account Password

Linux and Windows

To change your password in either Linux or Windows, use the TCC website at
and click on the "Change your password" link (right hand side of the page in the pink box). This will take you to the "TCC Account Management" page. Log in with your username and password and click on the "Account" link. Use the section at the top of the page to change your password. That will change your password for Linux, CMSs (Course Management Systems - like Blackboard and Moodle), and MS Windows.

Possible issues

If a user changes their password in windows (via the "change password" button after pressing "Ctrl-Alt-Delete"), it will not change the password everyplace that it is needed. The sympton of this issue is that the user can log on to any TCC computer(that does not use Kerberos) but will not be able to log into their NMT email.

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