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7.3   Fixing <Backspace> in Xwin32

From Thomas Bowen, Fri Mar 24 12:22:32 2006
Subject: TicketID#20060324093210

You need to create a custom keyboard mapping and edit the <Backspace> key (BS in the X-Win32 Keyboard Editor).   Select the <BS> key and then towards the bottom where it says X key identifiers Click on the box that says Delete next to Shifted then in the menu that comes up, change it to NoSymbol.

Now you need to save the file but it should be saved to something custom so we keep the original US layout.

I have sent Michael a fixed version of the keyboard mapping file which should be put into the template.   Once this fix has been put on a computer all one would need to do to is, go to the input tab of XConfig and change the keyboard to U.S. English keyboard [US-FIXED.xkb].   (Note [US-FIXED.xkb] may be changed to a different file name, I just named it that for now.)

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