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5.18   Z-options: 2up and 4up

From Schlake, Thu Dec 2 08:56:16 1999

The 2up and 4up options work on karma. If you are a good person, and the gods smile on you, then they might work (back in the old days we had a user named Job who was a good man, but his printouts always caught on fire and gave him papercuts regardless of the Z options he used). The only reliable way to get a 2up or a 4up is to format the postscript yourself when you generate it. Using duplex doesn't save you any money, we just charge you double for it.

If you are printing raw text, I suggest running a2ps by hand. My favorite options are

--line-numbers=1 --pretty-print=plain
-o -
which print a line number every line, don't add bolds and italics, and sends the output to stdout instead of $PRINTER. If you are printing C code, leave out the
because a2ps does a pretty good job of grinding C. The default in a2ps is print 2up, but you can use -1 or -4 (and probably -8 and -16 as well) to print more or less on each page.

On Wed, Dec 01, 1999 at 07:05:07PM -0700, Matthew McCleary wrote:

I have lost four print jobs on rainbow this evening. The system manager on prism sent me a message for each print job, saying the following:

Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 19:59:36 -0700
From: System Manager <>
Subject: speare5 printer job

The speare5 printer job (people8.c) produced the following warning for user hayduke:

For some reason the printer reported printing 0 pages. The printer reported no errors. You might try reprinting or printing with different options. Sending the job to a different printer may also be useful.

I was using the command lpr -Pspeare5 -Z2up,duplex and it did not work (lost the job). Then after talking to a UC I took out the ,duplex and just used -Z2up. Still lost the job. Worked perfectly after I took out the -Z option entirely ... but I spent quite a bit on printing. Bummer.


William Colburn, "Sysprog" <>
Computer Center, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology


From Nathan Paul Simons, Thu Dec 2 11:03:52 1999

Actually, i think a2ps only goes up to 9 pages (on one side of a page; that's 18 pages per piece of paper total if you do --sides=2 or duplex). As for my recommended/favorite options:

- --compact=yes --sides=2 --interpret=yes --medium=letter --borders=yes
- --line-numbers=5 --highlight-level=heavy

 . . .
and then add options for whatever kind of text you are printing (ie, verilog is
, Motorola 68k asm is
- --pretty-print=68000
, etc). Type   man a2ps   on any Solaris/Linux box at the TCC to see a list of options.

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