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5.13   Color Printing and MS OS     (added 27 June 2000)

From Jason Trowbridge, Mon Feb 15 16:39:29 1999

The Windows postscript driver is set to generate postscript files where each page is no larger than 1.67 megs in size. With the way the page is rendered to the postscript driver, it drops the images from color to greyscale.

This is by no means a problem that will only happen to Netscape. Any windows program using the postscript driver (aka, printer color) will do this if a page is larger than 1.67 megs in size.

I have updated the postscript printer driver, and set the available printer memory to 50 meg. Anyone using more than that may be officially thwapped.

        Jason Trowbridge
        Systems Programmer

On Wed, 3 Feb 1999, Jeremy Croy wrote:

Username: Jeremy Croy <>
CSA: 1
Date: 03-Feb-1999 22:36:35
Keywords: Netscape and Color.

Netscape on Targa, did not want to print jpegs in color. It would print the links on the page Http:// in color, and the text, however, all the pictures were B&W. Tried to check the settings, and they all looked right, not Color setting I could find.

                Jdc UC

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