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5.6   Clearing paper jams

From Ray, Tue Apr 25 15:11:07 2006

We are going to change our approach to paper jams. We are going to be clearing the jams and filing an "info" ticket about the jam happening (for when we need to gage the frequency of jamming), instead of leaving the jam in place for inspection.

When it comes to jams the printer's sensors are quite reliable. There have been times when I thought the printer was crazy about there still being a jam after I had cleared a piece of paper, or two -- or three, from behind one of its doors but it turned out that part of a piece of paper (in one case a rather small piece) was still lodged in the paper path and preventing a new sheet from going through.

The common places to check for jams are (not in any particular order): - the left door - the right door - the paper pick up (remove the paper tray and peek inside) - under the toner cartridge.

Sometimes you'll find it a bit deeper in the printer than just behind a door. If you find one you can't remove, or locate, then file a trouble ticket instead of an "info" ticket. When possible though clear the jam (and get more thorough on repeated jams) in order to bring the printer back on line as quickly as possible for our users.

For more info on paper jams refer to one of the HP printer user manuals that are in the UC office.

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