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3.26   Policies (e.g. quota)

This is not a complete listing of TCC email policies.   It only lists those items brought about by recent changes.

  1. Size limits.

    15 May 2006

    Each email message, including any attachments, will be limited to 40-MB.

    The email quota (not to be confused with a person's disk quota) is set at 350-MB and can not be increased. If the contents of your INBOX exceed to 350-MB limit any incoming email will be rejected and returned to the sender. Suggestions for staying under the 350-MB limit include:

    1. Delete unneeded messages.
    2. Move needed messages to a folder other than INBOX. (Note: that this will then place the size of the moved messages against your disk quota, instead of your email quota).
    3. Extract needed email attachment(s) to file(s) and delete the message which contains them.

    Mail quotas can be viewed in linux by typing:   mail_quota.
    Disk quotas can be viewed in linux by typing:   quota.
    These quotas can also be viewed in webmail.

  2. Modem users must use mailhost for email.

    09 August 2005

    To restrict spam leaving NMT the TCC requires all modem connections to pass mail through mailhost so it can check for virus and spam in the outgoing email.

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