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3.23   About email Relaying   (e.g. can't send email)

Email relaying occurs when the email server sending the email message is not your local email server and the system receiving the message is also not your local machine.   Spammers relay millions of messages thorough open relays to disguise the source of their spam.   (This is why we block relaying.)

TCC's email servers have been secured against email relaying.   They will not accept email from outside the university unless the recipient's email address is at the NMT domain, or they have been authenticated to our servers using the SMTP AUTH protocol.   This relaying policy will affect people who use ISPs (other than NMT) to connect to their NMT accounts.   The most common instances of blocking happen while traveling.

If you are off-campus and try to use an email client other than webmail (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.) to send an email from your TCC account (""), then you will need to have your smtp settings configured to authenticate.   Use TLS or STARTTLS to provide encryption so that your TCC password is not sent as plain text.

From Schlake, Thu Jun 03 07:50:38 2004

Mail clients are all different, but somewhere in the preferences for the SMTP server there will be a checkbox that says something similar to use AUTH (select this option), and another checkbox that says something similar to TLS or STARTTLS, possibly with options:   never, when available, or always.   The always option should be selected if that option is provided.

-- William Colburn, "Sysprog" <> Computer Center,
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

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