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3.21   Using .forward to Read email Away From Tech

From Ray Piworunas, May 14 09:49:20 2002

The easiest thing to do is "forward" your email before you leave.   To do this you just need to create a file named ".forward".   The contents of the .forward file should be a single line which is the email address where you want your messages delivered.

An easy way to create a .forward file is to use the echo command.   The line below will create a .forward file containing the address (you'll use a different address as this one is fake) using the echo'command.

    echo "" >! .forward

Be sure to delimit the string you want in the .forward file with quotation marks ("), don't use ticks (' or `).   The command should be typed at a Unix or Linux prompt on a TCC machine (e.g. "rainbow").

TCC will not forward email that has been tagged as spam; it just gets deleted.

To check that the .forward file contains the correct address you can type the command

    more .forward

and the computer should show you the contents of the .forward file.

When you no longer want your email forwarded just remove the .forward file.   This can be done using the rm command as shown below.

    rm .forward

Another way to remove the .forward file would be to rename it.   That can be done with the mv command as shown next (the .forward file is renamed to be .forward_no_more, though you could rename as something else).

    mv .forward .forward_no_more

If you haven't read all of your email before you create the .forward file and leave then you'll need a way to access your email on the TCC mail server.   The easiest way to do this it to ssh to rainbow (use ssh rainbow as the command) and login just as you would if you were at Tech.   Once logged in you can your usual mail reader to read any messages you weren't able to get to before you left.

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