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3.10   (procmail) -   Spam and vacation message interaction

From Bryan Hughes, Mon Jul 17 12:38:07 2006
Subject: Ticket 20060717122133

Ticket Description: Vacation Message causes some problems with spam

You'll have to manually edit your .procmailrc file, to do vacation forwards after spam catching.

Find where your .procmailrc file is processing spam (for example:

# Catch SPAM
* ^X-Spam-Flag: YES

) and add the following after it so that spam messages don't receive your vacation message reply.

# Uncomment next two lines to autoreply to messages while on vacation.
| /usr/bin/vacation <username>

That should send the vaction reply to all messages that make it past the spam filter.

When you are back from vacation just comment out (put the '#' character at the beginning of) each line in the vacation reply rule.

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