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3.4   Various mail readers   (Webmail, pine, mutt)

This sub-section covers the following readers:

  1. WebMail
  2. PC pine
  3. mutt
  4. Outlook   -- UNSUPPORTED --
  5. Windows Mail   -- UNSUPPORTED --


  Webmail   (SquirrelMail)


  How to transfer messages from webmail folders

Select the messages that you want to save, and click "Archive."

  Webmail can't find message

From Jason Ball, 22 Jan 2009 14:19:09 Subject: Ticket 20080122141909

I had a person report that he couldn't get to his email messages (I have the same problem on my personal email account but I use pine so it doesn't matter).   He said that the following error occurred:

The server couldn't find the message you requested.

Most probably your message list was out of date and the message has been moved away or deleted (perhaps by another program accessing the same mailbox).
Click here to return to INBOX

I have talked to Joel about the problem and he said that the fix is as follows:

  1. Backup the Email messages (preferably through pine or just someway to get them back).
  2. Tell Joel about it so he can delete the INBOX and list.
  3. Restore the backup.

Obviously this involves the person coming in and the UC doing a backup, or the person doing it themselves.

  --> Missing mail folders


Using webmail some of my mail folders are mysteriously missing.  (What's happening?)


Chances are those missing folders still exist -- it's just that something has caused webmail to forget where they are.   You can resubscribe to them by clicking on the folders link at the top of the page, and then locating the missing folders in the list down at the bottom.

  --> SquirrelMail reporting, but not showing, new messages

From Bill Weiss, Thu Sep 18 11:26:39 2003

I just had this happen, and I don't think the fix is documented anywhere.

A user called in and said that SquirrelMail showed that they had a lot of new messages (in the folder list on the left), but would not show those new messages in the message list (on the right).

SquirrelMail won't move enough stuff into your inbox to fill your quota.   If that would happen, it silently fails, producing the above problem.

The preferred fix now (Fall 2005) is to show the user our Account Clean Up web page.

Another fix is to raise the user's quota, have them get the mail (going above quota in the process), delete some stuff (like the cruft that just put them over quota), and lower the quota again. Be sure to get signed quota change forms for both the raising and the lowering of their quota!

  --> webmail login Fails

From Jon Hill, Fri Apr 11 07:05:18 2003

Having security settings for web browsing under IE set too high will cause webmail logins to fail.   Setting them back to "medium" will allow login.   There are 5 or 6 settings, each of which is outlined as to their limiting/allow ability at that window.   I assume cookies or submission of information is required to log in via webmail.

-- Jon L. Hill <> New Mexico Tech


  PC pine


Here are various notes about PC pine. (Note: PC pine is no longer installed at TCC.)

Note: Remember to remind any pine users you may help that they need to type a <return> (aka <enter>) at the end of every line to avoid over long lines.

  --> pine, and mbox

From Schlake, Tue Aug 19 08:36:17 2003

We fixed the pine.conf yesterday to not specify the mail source, just the IMAP server.   This will keep people who use the mbox (file) from seeing their mail disappear after they have read it once.   As a side effect, any mail that had disappeared will suddenly reappear.

-- William Colburn, "Sysprog" <> Computer Center, New
Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

  --> Where to get PC-Pine

(added 23 August 2001)

From the University of Washington web page on PC Pine.

  --> Pine Sets Wrong User Name

From Jason Trowbridge, Fri Jan 30 10:32:26 1998

To fix your problem (of the pine thinking your login name is something other than it is):

  1. Log onto a TCC computer (MS Windows), and start PC-Pine.
  2. Using the up & down arrows, choose the "Setup" option from Pine's main menu.
  3. Choose (C)onfig.
  4. Go down to the line that is labeled "User id".   Press enter, and change the id to be your account name, then press enter.
  5. Type (E) to exit.   When prompted, tell PC-Pine that you want to keep these changes.
  6. You may need to quit and restart PC-Pine for your changes to take into effect.   To make sure that your changes worked, send a message to yourself.

If you want a UC to assist in helping you fix this problem, come by the UC Help Desk in Speare 5.

  --> pine (email)

From Jason Trowbridge, Tue Nov 25 11:39:15 1997
Subject: PC-Mail Problem

This is purely for informational purposes, for whoever may further encounter this problem.   Since Matt and I ended up spending a good 40 minutes working on this problem, I thought it might be nice for others to know about it.

User jgrigg could not send out e-mail under PC-Pine.   Her configuration was incorrectly set to "".   However, after this setting was corrected, she still could not send out the e-mail she had been working on.   She kept getting a "User" unknown.

When Pine postpones a message, it saves it with all the settings, including the "sender" and "reply-to" settings.   Since jgrigg's settings were incorrect when she began composing her message, the settings saved when she postponed her message were also incorrect.   Which meant that, when resumed, the settings in the message were incorrect, and it could not be sent.

Basically, going into the POSTPONED-MSGS file with emacs and hacking out the "" in the "sender" and "reply-to" fields resolved the problem.   In a worst case scenario, a UC can always copy the text of the postponed message into a new e-mail message.

  --> pine IMAP

From Jason Trowbridge, Tue Sep 16 13:00:21 1997

After taking a look at their .pinerc files, I see that pine is using a non-specified default saved-message folder (I'm not sure from where).   According to the comments, the location and availability of these folders depends on what platform pine is running from.

To hazard a guess, I bet they need to have their folders set to use the IMAP.   Try (S)etup, (C)onfigure, and go down to Folder Collections.   If they have something specified, try putting a {} before it.   If not, then they should have a {}mail/[].

This will force PC-Pine to use the IMAP to access their other folders as well.   This may fix the problem.   If you get the chance, please try it with one of these people.


On Mon, 15 Sep 1997, 'Cheshire' Cat Craig wrote:

--WAS Priority: 5--

More users are having this problem

and about 5 unknown users...

Just for your information...

Is there someone working on this???


On Fri, 5 Sep 1997, John (Rob) Iverson wrote:

Username: jefflynn
Name: Jeffrey Lynn
Phone: x5437
Date: 05-SEP-1997 12:28:05
Host: impala
TTY: /dev/ttyp1
CWD: /tmp_mnt/fractal/administratium/accounts/b/blondie
X-Display: :0.0
Priority: 5
Keywords: email pine

pine under windows 95 claims that two of the users folders, his sent-mail and saved-messages folders, are read-only.   Under Unix the permissions are fine and Unix pine doesn't claim they are read-only.   I poked around in the setup/config a bit but didn't notice anything that looked like it would change anything.

Rob (blondie) filing for a user




Here are various notes about mutt.

  --> Sending mail back to the spool via mutt

From Schlake, Nov 9 15:14:47 2005

On Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 10:16:15AM -0700, Ray Piworunas wrote:

In what little use of made of 'mutt' commands I've not seen a way to send email back to the (server side) spool.   Can that be done?

The short summary:

  mutt -f <mbox-file-you-want-to-move>

Once you are in mutt, use the "tag by pattern" command (T) and tag on the pattern "." (which matches everything).   Once you have all your mail tagged, use ";" (to use the following command on all tagged messages) followed by the "copy to folder" command (C) and for the folder enter the imap address of your mailbox ({mailhost}).   It will prompt you for a password to log in with, and once you give it one it should copy all your mail in.   The UUIDs will be all messed up, so expect a series of warning messages when you first connect to mailhost to check your email after doing this.

-- void *(*(*schlake(void *))[])(void *);


  Outlook -- UNSUPPORTED --


Please NOTE that the TCC does not support (Microsoft) Outlook, Outlook Express, or Windows Mail.   The information you find here may not apply to your version.   You may need to check Microsoft's web pages for the information you need.

  --> Adjusting to recent mailhost upgrade

From Ticket 20060118102253

We've made a configuration change on our mail server (mailhost) that is causing sending of mail to fail. A typical error message would be:

server response:   530   must issue STARTTLS command first
(Account:   '',
SMTP server:   '',
Error number:   0x800ccc78)

This message may also occur if TLS TLS is not set up correctly (it would cause a sent email to be rejected). TLS is needed when sending mail from one off-campus address to another off-campus address (the session must be encrypted).

To change your configuration:

  1. Go to   Tools -> Accounts.
  2. Select your mail account.   Click  Properties.
  3. Click the  Servers  tab.
  4. Check My Server requires Authentication.
  5. Click the  Advanced  tab.
  6. Check This server requires a secure connection for Outgoing Mail SMTP.
  7. Change the  Outgoing mail (SMTP):  field to  25.   (Port 25 is the standard TCP/IP port for mail services.)
  8. Click  OK.

  --> SPA setting

From Joel Eidsath, Tue Dec 19 11:04:24 2006 Subject: Ticket 20061219105544 - Outlook 2000 Pop stopped working

Unchecking SPA fixed the problem.

  --> Outlook Stops Sending Mail

From Schlake, Fri Mar 31 10:00:36 2000

If you send email to a user that doesn't exist, Outlook will ignore the error code, report a failure, and keep the bad message.   It will not send any more messages until the user actually exists, or until the person sending the email message deletes that outgoing message.

-- William Colburn, "Sysprog" <> Computer Center, New
Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

  --> MS Outlook -- Failing passwords

From Schlake, Mon Sep 27 16:23:58 1999

If someone says that their password is failing, ask them if they use Outlook.   Outlook is stupid, and ignores the error message the pop server returns.

One particular user had several error messages.   One because his mailbox was corrupt, and one because his mailbox was too large.

You can grep for the username out of /fs/log/local0log to see what error messages the pop server has been sending.   Since most people check their email every 10 minutes (and I don't want to limit that) I'd suggest piping the grep to a tail.

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