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2.14   Creating a Slew of Accounts

What should the UC do if asked, by an instructor or student, to create accounts for an entire class on the day the class meets?

As tactfully as you can explain that this is a time intensive task and that you really need several day's notice to perform such a task. Then tell them that you will bring it to your supervisor's attention and see what he can do with it, though you still doubt it can get done in more than a few days time.

The above comes from the discussion we had a little while back on things the UCs should not be doing. One of the things they should not be doing is picking up time intensive tasks that haven't been scheduled into their office hours as separate tasks. These time intensive tasks are not suited to being done at the Help Desk and trying to do them there will most likely reduce the quality of service we can provide to people needing Help Desk assistance. So you need to make a point of not accepting such tasks unless they've been okayed by the Services Coordinator.

From Fri Apr 12 11:22:28 1996
Subject: Re: Things the UCs should not be doing.

(Ray had wrote) --- I'm sure that there are things that weren't thought of. One I can think of is expecting the UC at the Help Desk to create a class full of accounts minutes before the class meets. It is not a reasonable expectation and should not be allowed to be perceived as one. It is something that, at best, should be an office task --- a task that should be submitted at least several days before the class actually needs the accounts to be on-line.

I agree one hundred percent (not that I didn't agree with the rest). I know of no other sites that create accounts in much less than 24 hours. We attempt to create them in under an hour (normally less).


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