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19.10   Can't Access My Web Page

From Bill Weiss, Sun Dec 14 22:24:43 2003.

Things to check for when a user's webpage isn't working:

  1. They're using   ~/public_html/,   not   ~/www/,   right?
  2. ~/public_html/   should be mode 755.   Not 777, not 744, not 700.
  3. Any files they want to use should be 644, or 755 for CGI scripts.
  4. Make sure that acctmngr -s <user> doesn't show something like this:
     UID: 23  ***will have problems with CGI scripts*** 

You should check all of those before ticketing a problem.

Windows doesn't, as far as I know, have a way to set UNIX permissions So, they'll need to login via ssh, or to a Linux box, to fix this problem.

For more on setting up a web page see Web construction and maintenance at the NMT Computer Center.

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