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18.6   Anti-Virus Software

From Article 26601 of comp.virus
X-Digest: Volume 9 : Issue 213
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Quick reference antiviral review chart
(maintained by Rob Slade)

This listing is intended to give a quick overview guide to the comparative features and effectiveness of the many different antiviral products. If the version numbers are out of date, please send updated copies for review to Rob Slade at the address given at the end of this list. The companion files Antiviral Software Evaluation FAQ (avrevfaq.html) and Antiviral contacts listing (CONTACTS.LST) provide additional related information. All three files are available in the Computer Virus SIG of the Victoria (BC, Canada) Freenet (telnet:// and give the command "go virus"). (This file is the basis for Appendix B of Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses.)

This file is now maintained with minimal HTML formatting.

For more detailed reviews see /pub/virus-l/docs/reviews at cert.

For general virus info you can download the VIRUS-L/comp.virus FAQ.
virus book info at <em>Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses</em> 0-387-94663-2 (800-SPRINGER)

copyright Robert M. Slade, 1992-96 QUICKREF.RVW 961009


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