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2.10   Can't login Under X-windows - "your session lasted less than 10 seconds"

Added 22 September 2003.

This usually happens when a person is over quota.   The person will need to stop by the Help Desk to get help with this.   The old F1 key way of logging in to remove files doesn't work any more (though you may be able do a simple text login and remove some stuff).

This can also be the result of a user who was set up at the TCC in the before time with an older window manager.   If a user's quota looks OK (check using acctmngr -s) and they still get this, try renaming the file  /.xexpert.tcc if it exists (for more on this see TCC X-expert.   If this fixes the problem and the user cares which window manager they use, look in  /.xinitrc and/or  /.xsession and figure out what is going wrong there.   If they don't care, leave the file as renamed.

If it didn't exist, or if this doesn't fix the problem, try picking KDE or Gnome from the Session menu on the login screen.   If it works then their WM (window manager) is hosed and they may want help fixing it.

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