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18.5   WAZZO -- Another Word macro Virus

From Article 31719 of alt.comp.virus
From: (George Wenzel)

In article <>, says...

John M. Hann wrote:

Sorry - bear with me on this - one of my users came up with a problem in MS Word where upon bringing up a document the word 'WAZZO' appears in the document - Additionally a word will mysteriously be relocated somewhere in the document. Although I thought this was PUE (probable user error - this guy is quasi-computer literate)

It's highly doubtful that this was PUE... there is as MS Word macro virus called Wazzu (along with several variants) which will place that word in the documents. It will also rearrange the words in the documents on occasion. F-MacroW (which you can get in F-Prot 2.24c) will remove this virus with ease. F-Prot can be downloaded from the SimTel archives.


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