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18.4   Concept Virus (or MS Word macro Virus)

From Sun Apr 14 23:57:56 1996

I have run ScanProt on MSWords default template file. Now if anyone tries to open a document with macros in it, MSWord will ask them it they want to open the document with or without macros enabled.

If they open the document with macros disabled, when they save the file it will be saved without macros, and therefore no chance of the virus existing in their file. This should cause no major problem, as very few people use the MSWord macros anyways.

If they open the document with macros enabled, the virus should not spread after they exit MSWord, because word will clean itself of the virus (neat huh).

Basicly, play it safe, and open documents with macros turned off unless someone really needs them.

If you would like to just clean a bunch of files, there is a template document in the uc account called Open it and follow instructions.

Please let me know if this causes any problems.

(For those of you who care, I put a copy of the virus cleaning MSWord template on f: and have it rewritten upon login.

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