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17.2   SPARC X-connections not responding

From cthulhu, Mon Apr 5 10:30:51 2004

The machines sparc5 and sparc12 are playing nicely now. I didn't do anything to them, but I'm not entirely surprised, either. These machines tend to get better all on their own -- largely, they're set up to do just that.

Anyway, if you restart one of the Sparc machines (like sparc5), it won't be able to come up again right away. rainbow is set up to allow only one X-connection per machine at a time, so when you restart a Sparc, you have to wait for the X-connection on rainbow to time out. I believe that timeout period is two minutes.

If you have the machine boot right away, it'll try to establish an X-connection with rainbow, often fail, and if it does then sit there for a few minutes (I think it's five minutes, but I could be wrong). After the wait, it'll try again, and since the rainbow X-connection timed out, it'll work.

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