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16.13   No Dial Tone

From Jason Trowbridge, Thu Aug 27 10:34:48 1998

From what I know, Windows itself doesn't check for the dial tone; the modem does. If the modem can't properly figgle out whether or not there's a dial tone, it tells Windows that there isn't one. I don't know what will happen if Windows wants to know if there's a dial tone, and the modem just has no way of telling Windows about it.

As far as I know, there's two possible fixes: a) Re-install the modem drivers. This is the generic hit-it-with-the-hammer-and-hope-it-works solution, or b) Turn off the "Wait for dial tone before dialing" option. It's under the Connection properties for the modem. This is the short-circuit-the-broken-circuit-breaker-and-hope-it-doesn't-catch-fire solution.

Anyway, have the afflicted person try any of these two solutions. However, since the problem mainly resides in their modem/Windows interaction we really aren't responsible for it. They may want to contact their modem manufacturer about the problem, or see if there's a solution on the manufacturer's web page.


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From: Rob Iverson Date: Thursday, August 27, 1998 12:16 AM Subject: win95 slip probs

Have you ever seen this problem where you get a "no dialtone" message, yet there's obviously a dialtone (the phone is connected on the other end of the modem for instance). We go through the configuration and everything's ok, and win95 doesn't report a conflict or anything. Who knows?


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