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16.8   Uninstalling Dial-Up-Networking (DUN)

From Jason Trowbridge, Fri Jan 22 10:59:43 1999

If you need to uninstall it, you can do so by choosing [Start] -> [Settings] -> [Control Panel] -> [Add/Remove Programs], and choosing the "Dial-Up Networking Upgrade".

If you decide to uninstall the PPP software here's what you have to do:

  1. Remove the Dial-Up Networking upgrade as described in the preceeding paragraph.
  2. Remove the icon (if any) from your desktop by dragging it to the Recycling Bin.
  3. Remove the icon (if any) from your Start Menu:
    1. Right click on the Start Bar and choose "Properties".
    2. Click on the "Start Menu Programs" tab.
    3. Click on the "Remove" button.
    4. Click on the "TCC Connection" item, and click on the "Remove" button.
  4. Go into the Dial-Up Networking folder ([My Computer] -> [Dial-Up Networking]). Drag the "TCC Connection" icon into the Recycling Bin.

        Jason Trowbridge
        Systems Programmer

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