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16.6   Loosing Server Assigned IP Address

From Jason Trowbridge, Tue Apr 6 11:19:43 1999

Here's what may be causing the problems. If you connect and successfully get an IP address from the modem server, the setting changes to "Specify an IP Address" with the IP address that you've been assigned. It shows up this way even after you've ended your session!

If you connect a second time, it will still get a server assigned IP address. Note that this may not happen if the person has looked at the TCP/IP settings (see below).

Rebooting the machine will typically change the setting back to "Server Assigned IP". However, if a person looks at the TCP/IP settings for the connection while they are set to "Specify an IP Address", the connection may now be set to "Specify..." (instead of showing up as "Specify..." but really being "Server Assigned..."). I think it depends on whether the user exits that window using either the "Okay" button (which may break it) and the "Cancel" button (which may leave it okay).

If you look at it, you could break it.... :(

There are two things you can do if you're helping someone over the phone, and they report "Specify..." under the TCP/IP settings.

I know this is a little confusing. Does anyone need a lesson on how *not* to write software?

        Jason Trowbridge

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