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2.8   Alumni Basic account over quota

From Camden Mullen, Mon Sep 19 08:17:40 2005
updated: 2009-Mar-12.

We do not delete email (or files, e.g. webpages) from user accounts.   If you have any files on your account other than email, you can use sftp (see File transfer) to at least temporarily remove those and then delete unwanted email.   Also, you can change your account status to Alumni Full for $2/semester [$6/year] which gives you a full quota (currently 600-MB) which should solve the problem.

Or, we could temporarily raise your quota so that you can delete the emails.   Please contact our secretary, Jan, at 575/835-5735 on how to do either option, as they require either coming in to the TCC Office at Speare 117 and/or faxing information to us.

Another option is to use our web-based script for managing your account's disk space. Just visit

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