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16.1   Saving Password Under MS Windows

From Aaron Hare, Sun Feb 24 14:11:28 2002

Under the 9x versions there are TONS of things that can cause the 'save password' box to be disabled that can usually be fixed. For example the netbios name and hostname must be identical, you must be using DUN 1.3, user profiles must be enabled, etc... I'd like to think that all these conditions are safety guards to keep unauthorized users from stealing your password, but for some reason, I dont think that's the case! :-)

There are a lot of sites around detailing all the possible causes. The one I have bookmarked is it is pretty straightforward.

Please note that this only applies to win9x/ME. Luckily, winXP and NT users will probably never have any problems (Win2K has it's own problems).

Chaz (AKA Aaron Hare)
Student Systems Programmer
New Mexico Tech Computer Center

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