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14.3   COMSOL

  Can't create folder on C:\ drive

From Joel Eidsath, Tue Oct 28 12:31:39 2008

Certain actions under the CosmosWorks Add-on to SolidWorks (for example, creating a mesh) cause SolidWorks to try to create an output folder on the  C:\  drive. When it can't, the program crashes with an error message about being unable to create a pure virtual function.

The fix is for the user to specify their Results folders under the CosmosWorks options. If the user sets the result folders to be  U:\  the problem goes away.

  Requests for COMSOL

From Michael Martinez, Fri Sep 1 09:12:34 2006

If anyone comes asking for us to install Comsol software on their computer, we'll need a work order for that.

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