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14.1   ANSYS

  Working Around Large Files and Quota Restrictions

MEng 421 projects have been creating several 20+ MB files per project. This is a problem as ANSYS uses the user's home directory by default, and that pushes people past their default quota fairly quickly.

Some disk space can be recovered by deleting temporary files that ANSYS creates. It should be noted though that, these files are needed to recover work if the work has not been saved. Another way to reduce the hit against quota is to have ANSYS save these files in the system's temporary space.

When the work has been saved files with the following extensions can be deleted (if you are using the default working directory for ANSYS check under U:\) -

A good place to have ANSYS save these files would be /fs/tmp on the TCC file server. This way the files are reachable from any TCC machine (not just the one last worked on) and it provides up to thirty days of temporary storage (not against user quota space).

To access /fs/tmp see Remote mounting from Windows for how to connect to smbhost. (Connection to userhost should be available in similar fashion.)

To change the default working directory for an account go to Start -> Programs -> ANSYS 9.0 -> ANSYS Product Launcher.

In the 9.0 Launcher window, click the File Management tab then Browse Working Directory to find /fs/tmp, then click Okay, then Run.

If you have problems connecting to smbhost let the UC know when it happened and from which machine. If need be you can use the temporary space on the client by choosing C:\Windows\Temp instead of /fs/tmp, but note that you will need to return to this machine to access any of those files, and they will only be there if nobody else has done anything to them.

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