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2.6   Alumni Accounts

From Mike Topliff, Wed Mar 18 15:48:39 1998

Computer accounts are available at the TCC for any alumnus that has graduated from Tech. To apply for the account the alumnus must:

  1. Have graduated from Tech
  2. Pay the Alumni Fee and get a Alumni Receipt
  3. Take their Alumni Receipt and the form "Accounts Receivable Request for Account" (ARRA) to Brown Hall room 14A
  4. An AR account will be created for for them and the ARRA will be signed
  5. They need to pay six-months TCC usage fee in advance (and get a receipt for that)
  6. They then bring the completed ARRA, and the receipt for six-months of TCC fees, to Speare 117 and the TCC will create the account for them.

The Office for Advancement has all of the forms. (835-5525)

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