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13.8   GIS Software Update

From Jason Trowbridge, Sun, 21 Jan 2001 20:24:39

Here's the deal:

  1. All the tutorials for GIS is located in "Y:\arcview\AV_GIS30\AVTUTOR".   By default, GIS should try to save to and open from the user's account "u:\win\My Documents\".   GIS should put temporary scratch files (ongoing calculations, etc) in "C:\Windows\Temporary Files\".
  2. The various plugins may not automatically appear after a machine's file system is first installed.   To get the plugins, start up GIS.   Go to the "File" menu and choose "Extensions".   Select any of the listed extensions (and there are a lot!) to make them appear in GIS.
  3. The location and size of the GIS window is not persistent, so the user will need to re-maximize and arrange the GIS window every time they start it up.   The top of the window will disappear off the top of the desktop under the following conditions:
  4. The "Model Builder" extension (came with the ArcView Spatial Analyst software) requires IE 5.0.   Since I haven't gotten IE 5.0 working properly at the TCC, use this component with caution.   All other components should function properly.

That should wrap up everything with Arcview GIS.   Everything that came with the software is installed, and should work.

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