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13.6   Scanning under Linux

From Bryan Hughes, May 18 15:23:50 2005
Subject: TicketID#20050516155236

The iscan program along with the epkowa sane backend are what is officially released for Linux support from the Epson avasys corporation (

I've gotten the 4180s to work with iscan but not with xsane or scanimage. I'm not sure why they don't work yet.

{Our system uses libusb for access to the newer USB devices. Which is a pain because since it's not through the kernel, no entry in /dev is made for it, and therefore pam will not automagically give a user device access. The device file is in usbfs which is /proc/bus/usb/xxx/yyy where xxx and yyy will be different for most machines depending on the order stuff was plugged in, etc. However I've patched hotplug's device map for sane to let pam give perms to the user at the console. Problem is, this only happens when a hotplug event occurs.}

So to use the 4180's in Linux --

You should now have a GUI from which you can scan.

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