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12.3   ADA

From Phil Griego, Thu Mar 22 11:56:11 2001

TA for Languages class (I believe), came by and asked if we had an ADA compiler installed on our system. As it turns out we do, however, I couldn't get it to run because it looked like there was no binary for it. KScott thought it broken too, so I told her the command on what to run and it will work later once KScott get the binary in the right spot. As it turns out the ADA program we have stores the bin in the lib directory. So in order to get it to run correctly you need to have this in your path:


and then you can run the gnat program and do some nifty ADA compiling. Also you can find the documentation and examples for gnat here:

there are examples in /usr/local/lib/gnat/examples
there are docs in /usr/local/doc/gnat

There might be some questions about this throughout the week. Or if one of you happen to be the Programming Languages class you can pass on this useful information and save all other UCs from lots of questions.

Philip Griego
Senior User Consultant

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