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10.3   Solutions from Review of Tickets

From Paul Jacobo, Mon Apr 2 20:09:06 2007
Subject: TicketID#20061101151430

From what I've found, it looks like there are 5 main problems that seem to come up regarding instructor stations.

  1. Hardware: This is basically problems with keyboards, mouses, remotes, and the like.   Usually it's just things on the instructor's station that need replacing or fixing.
  2. KVM/Projector: Many tickets were filed on problems with KVMs.   Usually the problem was with the KVM with regards to the projector.   Other times, the problem was that users were reporting the projector showing nothing more than the "Blue Screen".   The fix for that was usually just fiddling with the KVM until you got the picture correct, making sure that the input was set to "analog" and not "digital", or power cycling the projector itself.   There were also a few, more simple, projector-related problems that were usually something simple like the lens being out of focus.
  3. UPS: The next big problem regarding instructor stations was the UPS failing or just beeping because the battery was dead.   The fix for this was replacement of the UPS in most cases.
  4. Log in: There were a good number of tickets filed where users said that it was taking too long to log into their TCC accounts.   A large portion of these tickets were from the time of the big crash.   The rest of those users usually had problems because their quota was nearing or over the limit.
  5. Sound: The last big ticket-making problem was sound.   Many instructors reported having problems attributed to the sound in the rooms.   Whether the sound was too low, too high, fuzzy, or not working at all, the sound seemed to cause a lot of commotion in the ticket system.

In no particular order are some more of the problems found in the ticket system regarding instructor stations:

Overall, I would say that if we needed to add something to the FAQ it would probably be with regards to the KVM/projector problems as those seem to be the most common problems as of late.   Adding the simple solutions (fiddle with the KVM, reboot the computer, power cycle the projector) would probably be really helpful for someone who hasn't run into this problem before and would like to know what to do about it and how to fix it.

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