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10.2   Some Common Problems and Their Solution

S T U B   S E C T I O N

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  All channel LEDs blinking on KVM

From Dustin Graham, Fri Oct 17 08:53:44 2008

On Fri, 17 Oct 2008 08:04:39 -0600
Ray Piworunas wrote:

KVM channels 1 and 2 always blinking.

This is normal when there are no ps2 connections on a channel.   The KVM decides there is a source on the channel when it detects ps2 signals.   When it believes there is no source, the channel light blinks as you describe.   Currently, Jones Annex 104, Speare 23 and MSEC 105 are connected this way (with devices other than computers, e.g. VHS/DVD player, being routed through the KVM).

  Ye jumpy mouse

From Mike Hogan, Mon Mar 20 18:27:09 2006
Subject: TicketID#20060302171733

It is not necessary to do a hard boot when the mouse goes jumpy.   The keyboard will still work in such situations so you can restart the computer properly by pressing   Alt-R.   This will restart the computer safely and fix the mouse synchronization.

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