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9.6   Using the Nikon G5 slide scanner

The operator should never insert or withdraw a tray from the scanner.   Let the scanner, or the controlling software, perform insertion and expulsion of the tray.   Failure to follow this note can cause significant, and expensive, damage to the unit.

Even though the Nikon Scan plug-in for Photoshop (and pals) is installed correctly it won't save to a person's home directory. Apparently, the problem is that the software cannot seem to write to an NFS mount. If the work is saved to the local TEMP folder it works fine.

Another way to do things is to scan images use the Nikon scan software itself to scan the files, and save them. Then use Photoshop to edit them.

It looks like Nikon has not used the standard Apple APIs, and whatever they have done is choking on the NFS mount. For now either of the work-arounds above should allow use of the slide scanner.

For more detail on using the scanner see Mac Filem Scanner.

If needed here is a link to Nikon's user manual.


  Nikon Scanner software crashes on boot

From Edward Munsell, Fri Oct 12 12:29:42 2007

If a user has problems with the Nikon Scanning Software crashing on launch, it is probably due to out of date config files.   To fix this problem, have the user open a terminal and type   This will reset any old config files that may be living in their profile.


  Nikon film scanner software failing

From Edward Munsell, Thu Sep 27 11:45:35 2007

The problem was two fold.   The software will launch successfully if the slide tray is NOT loaded into the scanner until the software is fully started.   At this point the user will still be unable to scan slides successfully until the scratch disk is changed from "client" to "TEMP".   To change this the user needs to click "Nikon Scan 4" and go to "preferences".   Then in the window that pops up click on "scratch disk" in the left hand column, now change "client" to "TEMP" and the scanner should work.

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