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9.1   Display COMSOL Multiphysics remotely

Jesus was using the COMSOL GUI installed on login64 but it would error-out when invoked over an ssh session from a Macintosh machine.

From Dustin Graham, Thu Aug 7 12:34:02 2008 Subject: TicketID#20080807112123

Are you using   It must be running for X programs to display on a Macintosh.   You might also have better luck with `ssh -Y login64`  --  I have had to use '-Y' on Macs before myself.

From Joel Eidsath, Thu Aug 7 15:09:06 2008

If you're running a Mac, then the part is also necessary.   OS X won't act as an X windows client without it.

You don't need it (the -Y option) on Linux, but sometimes does.

From Jesus Gomez, Fri Aug 8 10:11:09 2008

Thanks a lot for your help.   When I use -Y it loads much faster.



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