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8.25   Linux CD Writer

From Gilmore Lundquist, Fri Apr 23 10:39:43 1999

At long last!

I have installed and tested two (2) linux programs that are front ends for cdrecord and mkisofs, called burnit and xcdroast. BurnIt is a java front end, and xcdroast is an X program that uses tcl/tk/tix. Both are installed locally on sable and deville. In order to install xcdroast, I also had to install the Tix libraries, which are on the production net. Try 'em out, and lemme know how things go. If you have any problems while using either, please file a ticket.

X-CDRoast will bring up a warning first thing that says it has more than one scsi host - it is ok to ignore this and "continue anyway." Do NOT run this program as root. If you are a non-root user, feel free to save the configuration under the setup menu however you want; the settings will be saved to ~/.xcdroast/nonroot.config in your home directory. Docs on how to use xcdroast are in the manpage xcdroast and in /usr/lib/xcdroast-0.96e/docs/README.html. Lastly, the 'Quick CD-Copy' option for data CDs has not been tested and is a dangerous option anyway, so USE WITH CAUTION. That's all. Have fun burning stuff.

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