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8.16   Undoing Some RedHat Changes     (updated 11 March 2004)

From Schlake, Mon Aug 11 09:18:47 2003

On Mon, Aug 11, 2003 at 08:09:21AM -0600, Ray Piworunas wrote:

>How do I turn color off on things like man pages, ls, and more (or less)?

First, realias the ls commands that RedHat so thoughtfully [sic] provides for you.

Next, you need to undo the damage RedHat did in the system Xdefaults back towards actual defaults. Use xrdb to load this:

I further needed this:

Lastly, you need some of these less options (-a -c -d -f -i -j5 -M -u -s) set, but I don't remember exactly which ones, so check the man page.

Since we are talking about less, you might have figured out that RedHat less is incapable of viewing many different kinds of files.   Unset the LESSOPEN environment variable to enable less to view all types of files.   It will also get rid of the "id" error every time you less something.

To eliminate the error:

 id: cannot find name for group ID 7472 
and other related ID problems make sure the following line

[ "`id -g`" = "`id -un`" -a `id -u` -gt 99 ]

is in the /etc/csh.cshrc file (someplace like the 7th line).

William Colburn, "Sysprog" <>
Computer Center, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

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