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8.13   Mozilla Not Reading PDF Files

From Buddy Becker, Fri Apr 30 13:09:41 2004
Subject: TicketID#20040402084953

I've found a possible cause of the problem with not being able to read PDFs in mozilla. For some users it be caused by the LANG environment variable. If LANG is set wrong running acroread will error out with:

    Warning: charset "UTF-8" not supported, using "ISO8859-1". Aborted

If that happens in the background when mozilla is trying to start acroread then it will just hang. I don't know why but the account I looked at had LANG set to   "ar_LB.UTF-8"   for some strange reason. If you can't view PDFs in mozilla I would recommend that you check your lang variable and possibly set it to   "en_US"   .

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