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8.12   DVD Recording Using   growisofs

From Schlake, Fri Sep 17 09:03:29 2004
Subject: TicketID#20040816193653

Ok, the problem in linux is cdrecord and dvdrecord. Those programs do not work and should be removed. Since nero didn't work I think the old DVD writer also had some problems, but I haven't tested MS Windows yet, just Linux.

The *record commands have been replaced with dd, a simple command for copying data from one file to another.

More usefully, there is a front end called growisofs that makes the DVD (and presumably the CD drive but I haven't tested it yet) act like a Mac burner. You collect files, and then it burns them.

PS: Do not try to actually use dd. You can make the data, but you can't fixate the disk. You need the front end to do the toc and fixation otherwise your data is hosed.

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