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7.17   Converting MS Word file to pdf file

Use the Acrobat Distiller "printer" when possible.   If it can't be used you may want to use the method which follows.

From Enrique Herrera, Mon Mar 1 12:09:46 1999

There are couple of ways make to pdf documents.   One of the of the ways is to use a ps (Postscript) format file.   Since you need the postscript format also, we'll start with MS Word doc format convert it to postscript.   To start, I need you start Word and your document already loaded.   Follow this steps:

  1. Goto: File -> Print
  2. You'll get the printing window.   From there you will see an option that will let you print to a file (right below the option button)
  3. Click on Print when you ready.
  4. When you click on Print, you will get a file menu window.   Select the path (U: for your home directory) and the name of your file.   NOTE: you can leave the .prn extension, but it is a good idea to change it to .ps

Now you have a postscript of you Word document.   Now you need to convert it to pdf format.   At this time you need to logout from Windows, and login to a Linux or Unix machine.   After you login, go to the directory where you have saved the postscript file (from steps above).   The command to convert ps to pdf is ps2pdf.   Follow this step:

Type: ps2pdf yourfile.pdf
NOTE: Will replace with the actual ps file you have made form Word.

Now you have your Word document in pdf format.

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