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7.15   **Application Won't Save**

From Jeff Shipman, Jan 3 13:22:58 2001

Well, I've found a temporary solution to this problem. Whenever a machine loses the ability to open menus, just crack open Notepad and choose Save As...   It will bring up it's Save As menu.   Close the menu, and then the software's menus will automagically start working again.   This keeps us from having to reboot the computer and losing the user's work.

Jeff Shipman
Systems Programmer
NMIMT Computer Center

Occasionally, viper will randomly freak out silently so when you choose anything that has to do with saving or opening a document from a drop-down menu, nothing happens.   You can go to town selecting it all you want, I've even tried hotkeys, but nothing happens.   I've seen this happen with several users using the scanning software and Photoshop.

I'm not sure how to reproduce the problem and you don't notice that it has happened until it is too late.   The only way to fix the problem is to close everything and completely reboot the machine...   This means the user loses all of their work.   Not cool.

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