Fixing (badly) broken profiles

When to use this:
Every time the user logs in, Windows complains about corrupted profile.
It takes quite a while to login, preferences aren't saved, etc
Do not delete the ntuser.dat file in an attempt to fix a profile, it will wipe ~/profile, including all the saved documents and settings

Use this as a last resort. I don't have it working for everything yet, so don't delete the backups it instructs you to make.
Added 2003-03-13 It works for "My Documents" and the desktop now. No idea about doing Office settings and the like.
Added 2003-12-04 It seems to work. Deleting the backups is probably an OK thing to do.

  1. Make sure the user isn't logged into Windows
  2. Have them log into a linux box (through SSH on oracle is good, since you'll be doing a lot with it)
  3. As the user (in that SSH session)
  4. Ask the user to login to Windows. Ignore the errors (if any), log out as soon as it is done logging in.
    This recreates the profile
  5. Ask the user to log back into Windows. This time, ask them to open programs they use (Mozilla/Netscape, specifically).
    This should make new profiles/settings/whatever the program uses.
    Ask them to log out as soon as they have opened/closed all of those programs. (Make sure that the programs close successfully so that settings are written to disk)
  6. Back to the ssh session...
  7. Ask the user to log back into Windows. Their settings and documents should be restored