TCC   NEWSLETTER                                                         VOLUME 3,   NUMBER 2

APRIL   1977



C 0 N T E N T S



The activity in the Computer center during the past two months has been devoted to two major tasks investigating possible replacement computing systems and trying to keep the existing facility running satisfactorily. The latter is a never -- ending task. The former is perhaps the more interesting. So we'll leave that until last and keep you in suspense until you've read all the minor stuff...

User Advisory Committee

An expanded Computer Center Advisory Committee has been appointed by Dr. Ford. The purpose of this hotly is to provide information, requests, needs, etc., from the user community to the computer Center Staff, and vice versa. The membership consists of the following faculty and staff:

Dave Haas (Chairman)   Tom Nartker   Allan Gutjahr

Patrick Buckley   Dave Raymond   Robert Shantz

Robert Cormack   John Schlue   Bill Hemenway

Virginia Marquez   Dave Martin   Steve Mitchell,   John Sturgul (ex--offico)

Feel free to express your opinions or desires regarding the operation of the Computer Center to any of these people, or to the Computer Center Staff.


Additional Computer Center Staff

We are recruiting for a Systems Analyst in the Computer Center. When this position is filled, we will again have four full time staff members.


Address Labels

The Computer Center maintains an up-to-date list of Faculty and Professional Staff with their campus mailing addresses. We will provide printed peel-and-stick mailing labels to any department on campus. The cost of this service is $3.50 per set. These labels can usually be obtained on the same day that they are requested. Contact Mrs. Quick if your have need for this service.


Computer Center Hours During Spring Break

From April 2 thru April 10, the Computer Center will be open during the following hours:

Sat Sun (4/2 4/3) 1:00pm 8:00pm

Non Thur (4/4 14/7) 8:00am 10:00pm

Fri Sat (4/8 4/9) 1:00pm 8:00pm

Sunday (4/10) CLOSED



New Computer Acquisition Activity

And now for the good stuff... There has been much effort devoted to the search for a replacement computer for Tech during the last two months. The technical evaluation committee consisting of: Steve Mitchell (Chairman), Alan Miller, John Schlue, Patrick Orr, John Sturgul, Judith Bane, and Dave Haas was appointed by President Ford on February 3rd.

Initial communications were made with the following potential vendors: IBM Corp., Digital Equipment Corp., Hewlett-Packard Corp., Control Data Corp., Burroughs Corp., ICP Corp., Univac, and Honeywell Information Systems. These firms were informed of Tech's interest in obtaining a replacement computing system, and the probable system requirements were outlined to them. Responses were received from all but Honeywell.

At this time, the evaluation committee has heard presentations from IBM, DEC, 1CR, and Hewlett-Packard. Presentations by Univac, Control Data, and Burroughs are scheduled for early April. The committee plans to make a recommendation to the Board of Regents at their meeting on April 19th. Pending approval by the Regents, a Request for Proposal will be issued to all interested vendors. This RFP will state the specifications for a system to be acquired by Tech. We anticipate being able to install a new system during summer semester.

And here's how YOU can get involved . . .

A meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 13th at 4:00 PM, in Workman 26. The evaluation committee will present its viewpoints, prejudices, fears, and hopes regarding the candidate systems. Comments and questions from the audience will be welcome. We hope you'll attend and provide constructive input to this important (and expensive) matter ... we'll even provide the refreshments.

Another way you can get involved in the "new computer decision" is to take a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire contained on the last three pages of the Newsletter. The return address is already on the back of the last page, so all you have to do after completing it is to fold it and drop it in the campus mail. We'll discuss the results of this brief survey during the April 13th meeting, so please return it promptly.



Some Computer Center Statistics

The February issue of this Newsletter listed the computer utilization for 1976. Here's another way of looking at those 92,261 jobs....


Job Duration> Percent of Total Jobs in Interval Cumulative Percent
0 to 0.5 62.38 62.38
0.5 to 1 14.74 77.12
1 to 2 8.60 85.72
2 to 3 4.62 90.34
3 to 4 2.40 92.74
4 to 5 1.81 94.55
5 to 10 3.80 98.35
10 to 20 1.41 99.76
20 to 30 0.20 99.96
30 to 60 0.01 99.97
>= 60 0.03 100.00

As you can see, we run a LOT of short jobs.



WHERE . . . . . .

#4 Workman Center (phone: 835-5126).


WHO . . . . .


WHEN . . . . .

Computer Center User Services Desk
Monday-Thursday 7:30am Midnight. 8:30 am Noon,
1:00 pm 5 pm,
6:00 pm 11:30 pm
Friday 7:30 am 8:00 pm 8:30 am Noon,
1:00 pm 5:00 pm,
6:00 pm 8 pm.
Saturday 10:00 am 10 pm. 1:00 pm 5:00 pm,
6:00 pm 8:00 pm.
Sunday 10:00 am Midnight 1:00 pm 5:00 pm,
6:00 pm 11:30 pm.

This schedule changes during holidays and semester breaks. The schedule for those periods will be posted in the keypunch room.

Preventative Maintenance (PM) is ALWAYS scheduled for Wednesday between the hours of 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. This schedule is always subject to some modification. If there are any extremely critical jobs to be run during this time, we can either slide PM until later or dispense with it altogether for that day. We like to have 24 hours notice if this is required.


HOW MUCH . . . . .



T C C     S U R V E Y

Please return this questionnaire to the Computer Center no later than Monday, April 11, 1977.


1. Are you?
    Faculty ___     Staff ___     Outside (non--Tech) user ___     Grad Student ___

2. Which department do you represent?

3. Do you now use the Tech Computer Center?
    Yes___     No___

4. If so, how often do you use it?
    Daily ___     several times a week ___
    Weekly ___     several times a month ___     Monthly ___

5. Is your main use of the Computer Center in support of?   (please check all that apply)
    scientific research___     classroom aid___     computer science___     business data processing___

6. Would you make use of an interactive computational capability if it existed?
    Yes___     No___

7. Would an interactive capability enhance the efficiency of your computational chores?
    Yes___     No___

8. If an interactive capability were available, would you still make use of a hatch job facility?
    Yes___     No___

9. Which of the following programming languages would you Y0URSELF use if they were available?

FORTRAN ____     COBOL ____     BASIC ____     APL ____

PASCAL ____       P/L--I ____   LISP ____     ALGOL ____

SNOBOL ____       Others ____

10. Would you make use of a Data Base Management System or on-line inquiry facility?
    Yes___     No___

11. Do you have a NEED (not desire) to have punched card output from your jobs?
    Yes___     No___

12. If so, approximately how many cards/month would you require?

13. Could this need for punched card output he eliminated without undue hardship?
    Yes___     No___

14. Could you tolerate a delay between the time you ran your job and time you received the punched cards?
    Yes___     No___

15. If so, how long?
    ____________ (days)

16. Do you think that the Computer Center should provide programming service to users?
    Yes___     No__

17. If so, would you be willing to pay for such a service? (probably student salaries)
    Yes___     No___

18. Do you now make use of an external computational facility?     (i.e. UNM, LASL, AFWL etc.)
    Yes ___     No___

19. Do you have need for graphic computer output?
    Yes___     No___

20. If so, is it?
    frequent____     infrequent____

21. Would you make use of an interactive graphics capability if it were available?
    Yes___     No___

22. Do you have real-time data acquisition or experiment control requirements that might be aided by a computer?
    Yes___     No___

23. If so, are you currently making use of a computer to support these requirements (TCC or other)?
    Yes___     No___

24. Even though these types of requirements are best satisfied by a stand-alone system, could you make use of a link between the real-time computer and a larger computer?     (i.e. The Tech Computer Center)
    Yes___     No___

25. Assuming that a new computer system will be installed this summer, what SINGLE capability would you most like to be available with the new system?







Your name (optional)


THANKS for your participation.